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Frequently Asked Questions

Accessing Skilled Nursing Care can introduce many new questions and challenges.  We are here to help.  Here is a list of commonly asked questions to help you get started.  If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us.  We can get you the answers you need.


Q: Will Medicare Part A cover my stay in the facility?
A: Patients must have a Medicare card that reads Hospital Insurance. They must also be admitted to the facility with a physician order within 30 days of a three consecutive night hospital stay. Generally, during the first 20 days of care, Medicare will pay 100%. For days 21-100, a daily co-insurance rate is required. Medicare does not cover skilled nursing fees over 100 days. Patients with MediCal coverage will be covered days 21-100 and will not have to pay the co-insurance rate; however, they may be responsible for a share of cost.

Q: What is MediCal?
A: Medi-Cal is the State of California program that may pay for certain health services and nursing home care for older people with low incomes and limited assets. Who is eligible and what services are covered varies. Most often, eligibility is based on your income and personal resources.

Medi-Cal Office Hours: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday-Friday (except on public holidays)
Medi-Cal Long Term Care District #80
17171 E Gale Ave
City of Industry, CA 91745-1800
Attn: Assignment Desk

Q: Medicare benefits activate for skilled nursing facility coverage if:
A: The following must be true.

  • The patient was hospitalized for a least three mid-nights and was admitted to the SNF within 30 days of hospital discharge.
  • A physician certifies that the patient needs SNF care.
  • The benficiary requires skilled nursing or skilled rehabilitation services, or both, on a daily basis. Skilled nursing and skilled rehabilitation services are those which require the skills of technical or professional personnel such as nurses, physical therapists, and occupational therapists. In order to be deemed skilled, the service must be so inherently complex that it can be safely and effectively performed only by, or under the supervision of, professional or technical personnel.
  • The skilled nursing facility is a Medicare/MediCal certified facility.

Q: How often will a physician or health professional visit?
A: Physicians generally see patients within 72 hours of admission and once every 30 days for the first 90 days, and once every 60 days thereafter. However, our nursing professionals are in routine contact with the physicians that visit the facility. Some insurance companies require that the physicians visit more often. Check with our interdisciplinary healthcare team for further information.

Q: How often will the Rehabilitation staff work with my loved one?
A: Upon admission, rehab will evaluate the patient and will coordinate with your Dr. to determine how often depending on the individual's requirement and Dr. order..

Q: What articles of clothing should I bring?
A: We recommend approximately five changes of clothing and a pair of comfortable rubber-soled shoes. All articles should be washed, clearly labeled with Resident's name in permanent ink and entered into the patient's personal inventory log in the medical chart. Other personal items should be marked or engraved for identification. We advise that patients do not keep valuable jewelry or large amounts of cash in the facility.

Q: What kinds of activities are planned for the patients?
A: Valley Palms Care Center has a vibrant atmosphere with dynamic, individualized activities that match the capabilities and needs of patients and their guests. We also have active Resident and Family Councils and volunteer programs. Scheduled activities include; music, fitness activities, religious meetings, outside entertainment, games, gardening, field trips/outings and volunteer involvement. If you would like to arrange something special or have suggestions and ideas for individual or group activities, please inform our activities director. We welcome and encourage involvement from family and friends.

Any further questions on Medicare/MediCal benefits in a skilled nursing facility may be directed to the facility Administrator or designee, Business Office manager or Admissions Coordinator.

You may also contact Medicare and MediCal directly at the numbers and websites listed below:


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